An analysis of adolf hitlers leadership during the war

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Hitler: Evil Unprecedented

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Adolf Hitler

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Battle of Stalingrad

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Adolf Hitler Leadership Profile

Hitler lost the election inbut he gained the support of important industry leaders. Here, Hitler speaking on April 4, Credit: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Germany This.

Adolf Hitler – speech to the Reichstag. April 26, Deputies! Men of the German Reichstag! T he 11th of December of when I last spoke to you it was my privilege to lay before you an account of the course of events of the preceding year.

In their historical magnitude and lasting political significance they are such as may not be recognized to the full extent for centuries to come.

Hitler’s Nephews

Adolf Hitler in Munich on August 2, at the outbreak of the first world war amidst a cheering and jubilant crowd after the German declaration of war against Russia. In. His book, The Mind of Adolf Hitler, began as a secret report compiled during World War II for the American Office of Strategic Services.

Langer was responsible for providing a thorough analysis of Hitler’s psychological makeup. "On first hearing the news of war Hitler had sunk to his knees and thanked heaven for being alive," (The Rise of Adolf Hitler, ).

Hitler was lucky and avoided life-threatening injuries. He was a sloppy soldier but always eager for action. populace and how it had been a useful weapon for the Allies during World War I.

Hitler berated the German leadership for failing to use propaganda in any meaningful way during the war, and described how the new regime could use it to its fullest power.

An analysis of adolf hitlers leadership during the war
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