An experiment to determine factors affecting a wires resistance

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To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire Essay Sample

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Investigating the resistance of wires

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The deals of resistance are; 1. Apr 19,  · Furthermore, the resistance of a wire is directly proportional to the length and inversely proportional to the area, so doubling the length of a wire should increase the resistance by a factor of two.

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There are different variables I must control in order to obtain a fair test and ensure that the only factor affecting the resistance of a wire is the length of it. Resistance in wires occurs. - Factors Affecting the Resistance of a Metal Wire 1. Investigate some of the factors that affect the resistance of a metal wire.

The current and voltage will be measured and then V = IR will be used to calculate the resistance. Factors Affecting Electrical Resistance. we tend to neglect any resistance in wires when we examine the behavior of ordinary loads (bulbs, resistors, motors, etc.) in electrical circuits.

But metals are not perfect conductors, otherwise the wires in our toasters would not get hot. In this experiment, you will examine the factors that affect. Investigate one or more factors affecting the resistance of metal wires area since I had decided that I would take ammeter readings at 10cm intervals of a length of 1m wire.

I would investigate the effect of cross-sectional area by comparing the different thicknesses of the wires at particular lengths. Other Papers Like An Experiment To Investigate The Factors Which Affect The Resistance In A Wire Investigating The Resistance Of A Wire words - 4 pages Investigating the Resistance of a Wire Aim: I am going to investigate what factors affect the resistance of a wire.

An experiment to determine factors affecting a wires resistance
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To investigate the factors of affecting the resistance of a wire | Essay Example