Leadership in the movie thirteen days

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Thirteen Days – A classic movie illustrating leadership concepts

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The movie 'Thirteen Days' dramatizes the most dangerous moment in human history: the Cuban Missile Crisis of It also reminds us vividly of an inescapable truth about the world today. As George W. Bush took office, the United States and Russia each continued to maintain active arsenals of more than 4, nuclear warheads on alert missiles ready for momentary launching.

Overall, "Thirteen Days" is an excellent historical drama. A few minor points prevented me from giving this movie 5 stars. It's just a tad longer than it needs to be/5(). Discussion Thirteen Days reflects the leadership skills of the USA President John F.

Kennedy who successfully avoided the nuclear war between Russia and the USA, the two superpowers of the world. The events of the movie are concerned with the Cuban Missile Crisis in %(3). I don’t care what your political orientation is, if you want an awesome two hour lesson in leadership watch the movie Thirteen Days.

It’s the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis based on the book by May and Zelikow titled The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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The analyses reproduced below were originally published in to mark the release of Thirteen Days, a film about the events of October Peter Almond (a co-producer of Thirteen Days), Graham Allison, and Ernest May (leading experts on the Cuban Missile Crisis) offer their opinions on the movie’s depiction of.

Who doesn’t love leadership-oriented movies like Gladiator, Thirteen Days, The Right Stuff, and Braveheart?

Top 5 leadership movies: Thirteen Days

I couldn’t include every great leadership movie on my list, but I hope it encourages you to explore great movies and how they can empower and inspire you.

Leadership in the movie thirteen days
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