Leadership organizational studies

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Leadership studies

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Leadership Studies

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The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Leadership & Organizational Studies program is distinctive in its focus on critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and a collaborative, service-oriented approach to leadership. Curriculum. The organizational leadership degree online curriculum focuses on effective leadership tools for survival, growth, increased productivity and conflict management in today's increasingly complex business environment.

Organizational Studies. Saint Louis University’s bachelor's degree in organizational studies is designed for students who want to gain expertise in organizational management or who want to advance their career into administrative, supervisory and leadership positions.

The Master of Arts in Leadership Studies is an action-oriented program designed to empower you to become a change agent in your organization and community.

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Coursework will build on your foundational knowledge and help you develop effective leadership and organizational skills so you can transform lives. Leadership & Organizational Studies Careers After Bay Path Women are advancing in leadership positions in diverse fields such as government, education, the arts, business, medicine, health administration, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related careers.

Although leadership topics emphasized, any area of interest in organizational behavior, human resource management, strategy, international management, or entrepreneurship also senjahundeklubb.com journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Leadership organizational studies
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