Leadership towards learning organisation

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Driving Leadership Capability

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Peter Senge and the learning organization

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In business management, a learning organization is a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. so that it is possible to assess the extent to which such learning contributes or not towards strategic objectives.

Challenges in the transformation to a learning organization. Leading in the Learning Organization Leadership Advance Online – Issue XVII, Summer accountable change directed towards shared values or principles” (p.

). In a learning organization, the emphasis on the need for collective learning throughout the system can lead to. According to Gunter () the responsibility of education leadership is to facilitate the learning activities and provide an environment that is enabling and supportive for knowledge and related activities.

). Gbadamosi () contends that the more favourable an individual’s attitudes toward the organisation, the greater the. l modelling and growing learning leadership. In short, a school as learning organisation has the capacity l Learning and teaching are oriented towards realising the vision l Vision is the outcome of a process involving all staff OECD: WHAT MAKES A SCHOOL A LEARNING ORGANISATION?

learning. OECD. OECD school. OECD of experts. Such environments tend to promote learning and leadership at all levels (distributed leadership) and they are likely to In terms of sustainability, the concept to work towards is that of co-evolutionary sustainability – in other words the ability of an organization to continuously and appropriately adapt to.

Kenneth Leithwood, Karen Seashore Louis, Stephen Anderson and Kyla Wahlstrom Review of research How leadership influences student learning University of Minnesota.

Leadership towards learning organisation
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