Physics experiment analyzing freezing point depression

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Laboratory Experiments for Chemistry: The Central Science, 12th Edition

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This document is the lab report from the freezing point depression and colligative properties experiment. In this experiment, pure lauric acid and a mixture of lauric acid and benzoic acid were compared and analyzed. Sample Kit - $ The Logos Science Sample Kit offers 22 real hands-on experiments with a strong Christian emphasis.

The Sample kit contains experiments from each of our high school and middle school Logos Science lab kits. • (5 min) Instruct elevation of boiling point and depression of freezing point. • (2 min) Give accepted values for molar boiling point elevation and freezing point depression for water.

• (15 min) Demonstrate typical word problems and the methods for their solution. Therefore, freezing point depression is such a property. Molality (m) is used to express the concentration of a solution in terms of moles of solute per kilogram solvent.

Moles of a substance is the grams per molecular weight. Freezing Point Depression is an experiment that replaces Colligative Properties: Freezing Point Depression and Molar Mass.

It now uses lauric acid, a non-toxic, non-flammable and and inexpensive compound, in place of cyclohexane as the solvent used to determine the molar mass of an unknown organic compound.

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Experiment 12 – Freezing Point of Solutions A solution freezes at a lower temperature than does the pure solvent. This phenomenon is called freezing point freezing point depression of a solution is a colligative property of the.

Physics experiment analyzing freezing point depression
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Molecular Mass by Freezing Point Depression Lab by av s on Prezi