Student centered learning a cognitivistis view essay

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Student Centered learning a Cognitivist’s View Essay Sample

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This paper examines theories of teaching that can be used by effective teachers to provide instruction to a variety of learners. In student centered learning, according to Sener, the student becomes and "active participant", the student has a saying in what their learning needs are, where they should obtain the information to satisfy those needs and how to build their knowledge base based on those needs (Sener, ).

The impact here on learners is the gradual move away from the more traditional forms of teaching and learning, where information was transmitted to the student through physical interaction between teacher and student, to more self-directed, student-centred approaches.

Problem-based learning is an example of one approach to learning where the learner needs to take responsibility for his or her own learning. In this regard, specialists (Doll, ) argue that the autonomy of students comprises an integral part of the student-centered learning.

Students feel free in the learning process. They can choose the subject to learn, the time to learn, and so on.

Philosophies of Learning Theory

Educators, in their turn, develop the. Student-Centered Learning Essay - Student-Centered Learning missing works cited Definition(s) There are several ways that student-centered learning can be described, and they all lead back to the same basic idea, the student. Student-centered assessments ask open-ended questions that force learners to reflect and synthesize what they have learned.

They demand that students access higher orders of thinking.

Student centered learning a cognitivistis view essay
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